Covid-Secure/H&S Products

Implementing Government guidance to make your business covid-secure is easy with RC Graphix.  We have a wide range of products to enable you to create a safe, socially distanced environment and to help you get back to doing what you love.

Products we can provide include:

  • Sneeze Screens
  • Floor Graphics
  • Banners
  • Window Graphics
  • A Boards
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Antimicrobial Surface Protection Vinyl

 As listed above there’s a variety of methods which can be used to communicate your new ways of working.  Some methods may be better suited than others, so here’s a guide to help you decide which way is most beneficial for your business.

 Starting externally as you approach your premises, banners can be used to inform passers by that you’re open for business and any exciting services/promotions you wish to publicise.

Another option could be to use A Boards, these are ideal for communicating basic information about your business.  These are typically displayed externally to inform customers of anything they need to know.

Window graphics can be applied to remind customers to wear their masks, or perhaps it would be beneficial to clearly label the entrance and exit to your premises.  These graphics enable your customers to know what is expected as they approach your premises and ensure the customer feels safe in your covid-secure environment.

Throughout your premises there may be frequent contact surfaces such as door handles, touchscreens, countertops etc.  These surfaces can be protected with antimicrobial surface protection vinyl.  This is a transparent vinyl which offers protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  On surfaces where antimicrobial surface protection vinyl its installed, coronaviruses is reduced by 99.87% in an hour, whilst bacteria is also reduced by 99.9%.  The vinyl stays active for 5 years and is compatible with most cleaning products.  The vinyl is also tested in accordance with ISO21702 protecting against bacteria and coronaviruses.

 Pop-up displays are also a great way to provide customers with guidance you wish them to follow.  These would be ideally positioned inside your entrance, to ensure the information is unmissable and easy to digest.

 Floor graphics are a popular option to reinforce social distancing.  As these can visually show the recommended distancing to customers by installing them at appropriate intervals.  These are particularly helpful when putting a one way system in place.  We are able to create bespoke floor graphics created to be in-line with your branding, making it more personal than standard off-the-shelf floor graphics.  Our floor graphics come finished with a heavy duty, non-slip laminate coating which is specifically designed for use on floors.  These are scratch resistant, so the design will not wear away as countless people stand on them.  They are also chemical resistant, meaning that the ink will not be removed when floors are cleaned, particularly important as cleaning regimes are more stringent than ever.

Sneeze screens have become commonplace in businesses to protect both staff and customers.  If you frequently have customers visiting your premises this may be something you wish to implement.  We can provide you with a custom solution for your counters to help your business operate safely.

Most of these products are all available via post throughout the UK.

Implementing changes in your premises can cause confusion and frustration for customers.  We can help you to create a covid-safe environment which reassures customers and ensures they feel happy to return.  As with everything we do at RC Graphix we ensure quality materials are used, so you can be confident these products will be long lasting and cost effective.  Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

For more information about social distancing signs and graphics check out our recent blog.

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