During lockdown we took the opportunity to work on some projects of our own and thought we’d share what we’ve been upto.  Our van had been well overdue some vehicle graphics, however, doing your own projects somehow drops to the bottom of the to do list.  Although, finally the past few months has given us the perfect opportunity to get our own van wrapped – no excuses!

We decided to do a partial wrap with our van, we find this is a great way to introduce brand colour without needing to entirely cover your vehicle.  This is a simple way to transform your vehicle, but we think it’s extremely effective.

We’ve applied matt orange vinyl and combined this with a gloss grey, as we love the contrast between the two when it catches the sunlight.  The graphics have been kept fairly simple, but it’s bold and clear just how we like it!

If you’re looking to brand your vehicle, take a look at our Vehicle Wraps page for more information about our wrapping services.

RC Graphix_Van Wrap