RC Graphix_Floor graphicsRecently, we’ve been receiving enquiries about social distancing signage for clients looking to implement Government guidance.  If you require graphics and signs for your business this is something we can provide, we can help you to keep both your clients and staff safe as we all adapt to the ‘new normal’.  We can provide a wide range of products to help make your business covid-secure, including:

We can provide you with bespoke sneeze screens to suit your needs.  So if you need a specific size to fit a particular counter this is something we can provide.  Or, perhaps you need a large cut-out to enable products to be passed over a counter safely, this is no problem for us as we can provide you with a solution to help your business operate safely.

As you’ve probably already noticed, the quality of floor graphics being used at the moment varies massively and not all are fit for purpose.  The floor graphics we produce come finished with a heavy duty, non-slip laminate coating which is specifically designed for use on floors.  Our floor graphics are long-lasting, but also when no longer needed they remove with minimal fuss and mess.

The floor graphics are scratch resistant, so the design will not wear away as countless people stand on them.  They are also chemical resistant, meaning that the ink will not be removed when floors are cleaned, particularly important as cleaning regimes are more stringent than ever.  By ensuring quality materials are used, you can be confident these graphics will be long lasting and cost effective.

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